Why Attend?

Why attend the Pre Draft Combine?

It is the only event that can guarantee your information will be provided to every league in North America that has a player draft.  We distribute The Draft Guide free of charge to all leagues and teams that hold a draft.

No other event places more players into Tier II hockey or higher than the Pre Draft Combine.

The Pre Draft Combine is the one and only original junior hockey combine event.  Developed in 2002, all other events try to replicate what the original can only produce.

No other event can guarantee your profile will be made available to scouts around the world on line for free.

We own The Junior Hockey News.  Within an hour of your profile being published it will be seen by thousands of people around the world.  More important is that TJHN is considered the “source” for information by decision makers.

Each player will participate in games, along with testing conducted on and off ice. Cost includes Ice Time, Jersey, testing and results, publication of player profiles on The Junior Hockey News, as well as access to www.juniorprospects.com   Junior Prospects is a recruiting hub providing your information to coaches and scouts at every level.

Our Alumni List is second to none.  Will you be the next player to add your name?

Scouts can receive a scouting package, by emailing info@thejuniorhockeynews.com so that one will be ready for you upon scout check in.

Players can Email your resume for consideration info@predraftcombine.com

Once approved to attend, you will be informed of event details and billing options.